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How many syllables in Heel



How many syllables?

1 Syllable

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  • v. i. - To lean or tip to one side, as a ship; as, the ship heels aport; the boat heeled over when the squall struck it.
  • n. - The hinder part of the foot; sometimes, the whole foot; -- in man or quadrupeds.
  • n. - The hinder part of any covering for the foot, as of a shoe, sock, etc.; specif., a solid part projecting downward from the hinder part of the sole of a boot or shoe.
  • n. - The latter or remaining part of anything; the closing or concluding part.
  • n. - Anything regarded as like a human heel in shape; a protuberance; a knob.
  • n. - The part of a thing corresponding in position to the human heel; the lower part, or part on which a thing rests


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