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1 Syllable

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  • v. i. - An issue of water from the earth; a spring; a fountain.
  • v. i. - A pit or hole sunk into the earth to such a depth as to reach a supply of water, generally of a cylindrical form, and often walled with stone or bricks to prevent the earth from caving in.
  • v. i. - A shaft made in the earth to obtain oil or brine.
  • v. i. - Fig.: A source of supply; fountain; wellspring.
  • v. i. - An inclosure in the middle of a vessel's hold, around the pumps, from the bottom to the lower deck, to preserve the pumps from damage and facilitate their inspection.
  • v. i. - A compartment in the middle of the hold of a fishing vessel, made tight at the sides, but having holes perforated in the bottom to let in water for the preservation of fish alive while they are transported to market.


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