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How many syllables?

1 Syllable

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  • v. - To throw; to pitch.
  • v. - To peck at, as a bird with its beak; to strike at with anything pointed; to act upon with a pointed instrument; to pierce; to prick, as with a pin.
  • v. - To separate or open by means of a sharp point or points; as, to pick matted wool, cotton, oakum, etc.
  • v. - To open (a lock) as by a wire.
  • v. - To pull apart or away, especially with the fingers; to pluck; to gather, as fruit from a tree, flowers from the stalk, feathers from a fowl, etc.
  • v. - To remove something from with a pointed instrument, with the fingers, or with the teeth; as, to pick the teeth; to pick a bone; to pick a goose; to pick a pocket.


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