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How many syllables in Brute



How many syllables?

1 Syllable

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  • a. - Not having sensation; senseless; inanimate; unconscious; without intelligence or volition; as, the brute earth; the brute powers of nature.
  • a. - Not possessing reason, irrational; unthinking; as, a brute beast; the brute creation.
  • a. - Of, pertaining to, or characteristic of, a brute beast. Hence: Brutal; cruel; fierce; ferocious; savage; pitiless; as, brute violence.
  • a. - Having the physical powers predominating over the mental; coarse; unpolished; unintelligent.
  • a. - Rough; uncivilized; unfeeling.
  • n. - An animal destitute of human reason; any animal not human; esp. a quadruped; a beast.


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