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How many syllables in Bone



How many syllables?

1 Syllable

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  • n. - The hard, calcified tissue of the skeleton of vertebrate animals, consisting very largely of calcic carbonate, calcic phosphate, and gelatine; as, blood and bone.
  • n. - One of the pieces or parts of an animal skeleton; as, a rib or a thigh bone; a bone of the arm or leg; also, any fragment of bony substance. (pl.) The frame or skeleton of the body.
  • n. - Anything made of bone, as a bobbin for weaving bone lace.
  • n. - Two or four pieces of bone held between the fingers and struck together to make a kind of music.
  • n. - Dice.
  • n. - Whalebone; hence, a piece of whalebone or of steel for a corset.


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