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How many syllables in Bath



How many syllables?

1 Syllable

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  • n. - The act of exposing the body, or part of the body, for purposes of cleanliness, comfort, health, etc., to water, vapor, hot air, or the like; as, a cold or a hot bath; a medicated bath; a steam bath; a hip bath.
  • n. - Water or other liquid for bathing.
  • n. - A receptacle or place where persons may immerse or wash their bodies in water.
  • n. - A building containing an apartment or a series of apartments arranged for bathing.
  • n. - A medium, as heated sand, ashes, steam, hot air, through which heat is applied to a body.
  • n. - A solution in which plates or prints are immersed; also, the receptacle holding the solution.


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