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1 Syllable

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  • n. - The reddish yellow coating formed on iron when exposed to moist air, consisting of ferric oxide or hydroxide; hence, by extension, any metallic film of corrosion.
  • n. - A minute mold or fungus forming reddish or rusty spots on the leaves and stems of cereal and other grasses (Trichobasis Rubigo-vera), now usually believed to be a form or condition of the corn mildew (Puccinia graminis). As rust, it has solitary reddish spores; as corn mildew, the spores are double and blackish.
  • n. - That which resembles rust in appearance or effects.
  • n. - A composition used in making a rust joint. See Rust joint, below.
  • n. - Foul matter arising from degeneration; as, rust on salted meat.
  • n. - Corrosive or injurious accretion or influence.

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