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How many syllables in Mace



How many syllables?

1 Syllable

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  • n. - A money of account in China equal to one tenth of a tael; also, a weight of 57.98 grains.
  • n. - A kind of spice; the aril which partly covers nutmegs. See Nutmeg.
  • n. - A heavy staff or club of metal; a spiked club; -- used as weapon in war before the general use of firearms, especially in the Middle Ages, for breaking metal armor.
  • n. - A staff borne by, or carried before, a magistrate as an ensign of his authority.
  • n. - An officer who carries a mace as an emblem of authority.
  • n. - A knobbed mallet used by curriers in dressing leather to make it supple.


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