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How many syllables in Assimilate



How many syllables?

4 Syllables

How it's divided?



  • v. t. - To bring to a likeness or to conformity; to cause a resemblance between.
  • v. t. - To liken; to compa/e.
  • v. t. - To appropriate and transform or incorporate into the substance of the assimilating body; to absorb or appropriate, as nourishment; as, food is assimilated and converted into organic tissue.
  • v. i. - To become similar or like something else.
  • v. i. - To change and appropriate nourishment so as to make it a part of the substance of the assimilating body.
  • v. i. - To be converted into the substance of the assimilating body; to become incorporated; as, some kinds of food assimilate more readily than others.


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