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How many syllables in Struggle



How many syllables?

2 Syllables

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  • v. i. - To strive, or to make efforts, with a twisting, or with contortions of the body.
  • v. i. - To use great efforts; to labor hard; to strive; to contend forcibly; as, to struggle to save one's life; to struggle with the waves; to struggle with adversity.
  • v. i. - To labor in pain or anguish; to be in agony; to labor in any kind of difficulty or distress.
  • n. - A violent effort or efforts with contortions of the body; agony; distress.
  • n. - Great labor; forcible effort to obtain an object, or to avert an evil.
  • n. - Contest; contention; strife.


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