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3 Syllables

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  • a. - Highest in rank, authority, character, importance, or degree; most considerable or important; chief; main; as, the principal officers of a Government; the principal men of a state; the principal productions of a country; the principal arguments in a case.
  • a. - Of or pertaining to a prince; princely.
  • n. - A leader, chief, or head; one who takes the lead; one who acts independently, or who has controlling authority or influence; as, the principal of a faction, a school, a firm, etc.; -- distinguished from a subordinate, abettor, auxiliary, or assistant.
  • n. - The chief actor in a crime, or an abettor who is present at it, -- as distinguished from an accessory.
  • n. - A chief obligor, promisor, or debtor, -- as distinguished from a surety.
  • n. - One who employs another to act for him, -- as distinguished from an agent.

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