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How many syllables?

2 Syllables

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  • n. - A character or part, as in a play; a specific kind or manifestation of individual character, whether in real life, or in literary or dramatic representation; an assumed character.
  • n. - The bodily form of a human being; body; outward appearance; as, of comely person.
  • n. - A living, self-conscious being, as distinct from an animal or a thing; a moral agent; a human being; a man, woman, or child.
  • n. - A human being spoken of indefinitely; one; a man; as, any person present.
  • n. - A parson; the parish priest.
  • n. - Among Trinitarians, one of the three subdivisions of the Godhead (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost); an hypostasis.


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