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How many syllables?

1 Syllable

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  • n. - A license of reprisals. See Marque.
  • n. - An old weight and coin. See Marc.
  • n. - The unit of monetary account of the German Empire, equal to 23.8 cents of United States money; the equivalent of one hundred pfennigs. Also, a silver coin of this value.
  • n. - A visible sign or impression made or left upon anything; esp., a line, point, stamp, figure, or the like, drawn or impressed, so as to attract the attention and convey some information or intimation; a token; a trace.
  • n. - A character or device put on an article of merchandise by the maker to show by whom it was made; a trade-mark.
  • n. - A character (usually a cross) made as a substitute for a signature by one who can not write.


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