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How many syllables in Latitudinarian



How many syllables?

7 Syllables

How it's divided?



  • a. - Not restrained; not confined by precise limits.
  • a. - Indifferent to a strict application of any standard of belief or opinion; hence, deviating more or less widely from such standard; lax in doctrine; as, latitudinarian divines; latitudinarian theology.
  • a. - Lax in moral or religious principles.
  • n. - One who is moderate in his notions, or not restrained by precise settled limits in opinion; one who indulges freedom in thinking.
  • n. - A member of the Church of England, in the time of Charles II., who adopted more liberal notions in respect to the authority, government, and doctrines of the church than generally prevailed.
  • n. - One who departs in opinion from the strict principles of orthodoxy.


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