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How many syllables in Depart



How many syllables?

2 Syllables

How it's divided?


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  • v. i. - To part; to divide; to separate.
  • v. i. - To go forth or away; to quit, leave, or separate, as from a place or a person; to withdraw; -- opposed to arrive; -- often with from before the place, person, or thing left, and for or to before the destination.
  • v. i. - To forsake; to abandon; to desist or deviate (from); not to adhere to; -- with from; as, we can not depart from our rules; to depart from a title or defense in legal pleading.
  • v. i. - To pass away; to perish.
  • v. i. - To quit this world; to die.
  • v. t. - To part thoroughly; to dispart; to divide; to separate.

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