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How many syllables?

1 Syllable

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  • n. - Something rigid that holds fast or binds things together; a piece of wood or metal, used to hold two or more pieces together.
  • n. - An instrument with a screw or screws by which work is held in its place or two parts are temporarily held together.
  • n. - A piece of wood placed across another, or inserted into another, to bind or strengthen.
  • n. - One of a pair of movable pieces of lead, or other soft material, to cover the jaws of a vise and enable it to grasp without bruising.
  • n. - A thick plank on the inner part of a ship's side, used to sustain the ends of beams.
  • n. - A mass of bricks heaped up to be burned; or of ore for roasting, or of coal for coking.


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