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How many syllables in Apron



How many syllables?

2 Syllables

How it's divided?



  • n. - An article of dress, of cloth, leather, or other stuff, worn on the fore part of the body, to keep the clothes clean, to defend them from injury, or as a covering. It is commonly tied at the waist by strings.
  • n. - Something which by its shape or use suggests an apron;
  • n. - The fat skin covering the belly of a goose or duck.
  • n. - A piece of leather, or other material, to be spread before a person riding on an outside seat of a vehicle, to defend him from the rain, snow, or dust; a boot.
  • n. - A leaden plate that covers the vent of a cannon.
  • n. - A piece of carved timber, just above the foremost end of the keel.

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