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How many syllables in Admission



How many syllables?

3 Syllables

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  • n. - The act or practice of admitting.
  • n. - Power or permission to enter; admittance; entrance; access; power to approach.
  • n. - The granting of an argument or position not fully proved; the act of acknowledging something /serted; acknowledgment; concession.
  • n. - Acquiescence or concurrence in a statement made by another, and distinguishable from a confession in that an admission presupposes prior inquiry by another, but a confession may be made without such inquiry.
  • n. - A fact, point, or statement admitted; as, admission made out of court are received in evidence.
  • n. - Declaration of the bishop that he approves of the presentee as a fit person to serve the cure of the church to which he is presented.

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