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How many syllables in Absolute



How many syllables?

3 Syllables

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  • a. - Loosed from any limitation or condition; uncontrolled; unrestricted; unconditional; as, absolute authority, monarchy, sovereignty, an absolute promise or command; absolute power; an absolute monarch.
  • a. - Complete in itself; perfect; consummate; faultless; as, absolute perfection; absolute beauty.
  • a. - Viewed apart from modifying influences or without comparison with other objects; actual; real; -- opposed to relative and comparative; as, absolute motion; absolute time or space.
  • a. - Loosed from, or unconnected by, dependence on any other being; self-existent; self-sufficing.
  • a. - Capable of being thought or conceived by itself alone; unconditioned; non-relative.
  • a. - Positive; clear; certain; not doubtful.


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