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How many syllables in PARADE



How many syllables?

2 Syllables

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  • v. t. - The ground where a military display is held, or where troops are drilled.
  • v. t. - An assembly and orderly arrangement or display of troops, in full equipments, for inspection or evolutions before some superior officer; a review of troops. Parades are general, regimental, or private (troop, battery, or company), according to the force assembled.
  • v. t. - Pompous show; formal display or exhibition.
  • v. t. - That which is displayed; a show; a spectacle; an imposing procession; the movement of any body marshaled in military order; as, a parade of firemen.
  • v. t. - Posture of defense; guard.
  • v. t. - A public walk; a promenade.

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